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Five Finger Death Punch

”Five Finger Death Punch"
Video Director/Producer - Tour Photo/Videographer - Marketing


Media Director - Producer Marketing - Editor


Making of "UP" Album - Director / Producer - Tour


Media Director / Producer - Video Dept + Marketing Manager - Media Buyer


SJI STUDIOS - SatJam Networks
Owner / CEO - Director - Producer

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I have a Small Business, and needed someone to provide us with Photos, Memes, and Targeted Video Ads on occasion. I was able to give CORDEVIA all my thoughts an Ideas - and they narrowed it down to the most effective ones !
myra reeves
myra reeves
CORDEVIA is strongly reccomended! I met Scott out on the road and he told me about what they do. I wasnt sure if they could do all that for the price he was talking. I took them up on the offer, and do not regret it !
ethel evans
ethel evans
We needed a affordable mothly Marketing Campaign, and Social Media Content - Scott came through BIG for us.
Mark Adien
Mark Adien
Cordevia was Amazing! They went above and beyond what we had been expecting with our past experience with other Production and Marketing Companies. They filmed and captured what we had envisioned, thank you Cordevia !
Anna Smith
Anna Smith